Good Things Take Time

Good Things Take Time

HELLO and welcome to our October blog! We are BURSTING to share with you what an INCREDIBLE journey we have been on over the past year. We have had such an EXCITING time putting together our ALL NEW brand packaging, we have experienced real HIGHs, some LOWs and all the things in between.

Team Time….

Back in February, Karrie and Roxanne met with Catherine, our freelance designer, for the first time IRL! Catherine is the most WONDERFUL creative designer and she helped us to shape what Lovely Button Ups could look like. We were simply bowled over by the INCREDIBLE designs that Catherine had created and we began to picture how Lovely Button Ups could move into a design led style. 

Around that time we had just completed our market research and we received the most FABULOUS feedback from our Lovely Button Ups community. This really gave us the confidence to think about how we could EXPAND and GROW and move into the next stage of our journey, to make things even better. 

We believe that our button wall hooks can work for EVERYONE and for ALL INTERIORS and at the HEART of what we do is our customer…..always!

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons…..

It has been a DREAM from the beginning to dye our own buttons using PANTONE colours and in the summer we approached our UK based button factory who agreed to CREATE twenty-seven new Pantone shades. Our button company is simply FANTASTIC and our buttons have arrived in boxes upon boxes. We have been busy putting the buttons into SIX....yep SIX.... BRAND NEW design led collections ready for our LAUNCH on 20th October 2023. 

Printing troubles and joys….

There are always set backs to progress and we see this as a GREAT opportunity to reflect on what is working well and what needs to be reconsidered. For us this came in at the very last minute, we had everything ready to go but we felt like our printing company just didn't really 'get' us. It became clear at the beginning of last month that we needed to find a NEW printing company someone who we could work with, have conversations with and who would advise us on what we needed to know. We wanted to work with someone who would make sure it was ‘just right’ and be ENTHUSIASTIC about our brand aesthetic. Karrie searched around a little and has discovered a BRILLIANT Norwich based printer who have the attention to detail it deserves and we couldn't be HAPPIER! 

Get ready and LAUNCH……

So this year has been a busy and FUN year behind the scenes and we are getting near to launching our design led interior collections. Our collections will include COLOURFUL, PASTEL, SCANDI-NORDIC, BOHO, MID-CENTURY and NEUTRAL and we really hope you will LOVE them as much as we do. 

The launch date is 20th OCTOBER and our NEW collections will appear alongside our current button wall hooks and wall dots.

We are filled with JOY for the newness and we cannot wait to share our hard work with you....GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME....but we're nearly there.

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