Build Your Own Box

Build Your Own Box

Just because we all have completely individual taste when it comes to the things we like and don't like, we thought it would be really fun if you were able to build your very own box of Lovely Button Ups!  This option is been very popular and it's now possible to add each button to cart. Not every button is available in all sizes so you can use the box examples as a guide when making your choices. We love to see the collections you make yourself and it gives you the freedom to add as many buttons to your box too. The only thing we ask is that you choose eight minimum because that is the standard pack size.

One thing to share is that there are so many gorgeous button options that you won't have any problem choosing your own style and filling up that box! Our Lovely Button Ups are so easy to apply to your walls with no damage so you can say goodbye to the hammer and nails and get those gorgeous items of decor up onto the wall in an instant.

Our Lovely Button Ups come in all the gorgeous colours so there is something for everyone. White buttons on a white wall have been really popular and are perfect for a calm space. We have some lovely buttons if you prefer a more simple style.

We certainly have all the fun choosing new box collections and this is our latest addition.



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