Our Story

Our Story

Back in 2016 when Karrie's Grandson Arlo was born she wanted to hang a felt ball garland in his nursery but couldn't find anything to hang it with that looked good. She was determined to think of a way to get this garland on the wall and thought how cute a button would look. After much thought she came up with an idea to fix the button to the wall with velcro and it worked! The idea was tested for four years to make sure that it stood up to the task and in 2020 Karrie decided that it was time to bring it to market. 


Knowing that this was an absolute genius idea Karrie got a patent on the design straight away registered under hardware as a button mounting device.  Lovely Button Ups is now a Registered Design ®

Over the past two years, hundreds of packs of Lovely Button Ups have been sent out into the world and the response has been incredible! Top Interior Designers have described it as a styling game changer and our customer base has seen rapid growth. 

In June 2022 Lovely Button Ups became a Limited Company and with our new team of three we are now working to get our product into the retail market. Our current stockists are very pleased with the product and we are looking forward to our business journey together! 

Meet The Team

Karrie lives with her husband in South Norfolk and has worked as a Textile Designer for fourteen years. Karrie has fourteen years of business experience that included her own children's clothing brand Delilah Loves You and a gorgeous shop in Suffolk.

Roxanne lives with her husband and two children in Norwich. Karrie and Roxanne met at St Thomas church where they worked together in the kids team.

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